From Hermann-Josef Bender

If you're looking for a special wine, I think you’ll be able to find just what you need in my unique selection. Here you will find examples of outstanding wines that are the product of Franken’s long wine-making tradition.

Franken's wine-producing area stretches along the south-facing slopes of the river Main and its tributaries between Haßfurt and Aschaffenburg, and is as varied as its inhabitants. The finely-patterned landscape and a richly varied, multi-layered soil give the wine-making of Franken a very special character which is reflected in the wine itself. As many as 7500 wine-makers are active in an area of around 6500 hectares of cultivated land, always working to optimize the relationship between grape variety, location, soil and technique. The great charm of Franken wine is thus to be found in its individuality and in small scale production. My own role, as I see it, is to act as a link between the many wine-makers of Franken and the general consumer, by selecting the best wines from around the region and offering them for sale at a fair price.

As I work together with committed wine-makers who are as enthusiastic and as convinced of the potential of Franken wine as I myself, we continue to reawaken the possibilities of Franken’s ancient grape varieties, to breathe new life into Franken's special vineyards, and to encourage the use of traditional cultivation techniques. Thanks to these efforts I am able to offer wine lovers an unusual selection of wines from off the beaten track, wines that are full of character and that show all the richness that Franken has to offer. Year after year I visit wine-makers to select the best from each vintage so that I can offer both rare treasures and exceptionally high quality wine from the major grape varieties at reasonable prices.

I am very pleased that Rumi Ogawa has chosen to help spread the word about Franken wine further afield. As close family friends, we have drunk many a glass of my wine together over the years, whether with dinner or during an afternoon chat. Now with her efforts, friends in distant places can also raise glasses brimming with the Franken wine I have selected – a happy thought. I hope that you too can find the perfect bottle!

Hermann-Josef Bender

Hermann-Josef Bender’s wine store:

Fränkischer Weinhandel
Friedhofstraße 2

63776 Mömbris

Fränkischer Weinhandel is Hermann-Josef Bender’s wine store, where he deals exclusively in Franken wine that he himself has selected. The store is housed in Mömbris in the region of Franken, in a medieval timber-framed house that is designated as a cultural treasure. Fränkischer Weinhandel participates in seasonal events such as wine festivals and Christmas markets, and also offers wine tastings for groups.


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