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Mömbris: a village in the German region of Franken where I lived with my family for over a decade, and the place my daughter still thinks of as “home.” Artisans and craftsmen have lived and worked in Mömbris since the middle ages, and the village is very proud of its traditions. It is here that I first met Hermann-Josef Bender and his family. Born and raised in Franken, and with a deep love of its land and history, Hermann-Joseph works passionately to promote this region’s exceptional wines. As a vintner, he actively supports and encourages the region's wine-makers, and also works with them to produce his own original brand of wine.

Over the years we have been friends, I have learned a lot from Hermann-Josef about the charms of Franken wine. I opened Frankenwein Depot to spread his enthusiasm further, and to give more people the chance to appreciate a wine that has deep roots in the soil and the traditions of the Franken region. Frankenwein Depot deals exclusively with wines that are hand-picked for us by Hermann-Josef, the Hermann Bender Selection, and is intended to showcase the richness and diversity Franken has to offer.

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